Electric Shutter for Wood Field View Cameras (Brass Lens, 8×10, 5×7)


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Electric Shutter for Wood Field View Cameras (Brass Lens, 8×10, 5×7)

Made for Large Format cameras. Install on your wood camera OR build a camera!

  • 40mm shutter opening
  • Electronic 24VDC shutter assembly (EM3258)
  • Weight: 14oz
  • Easy to install and hook up
  • Removable square frame (see pictures)
  • Removable L-bracket
  • Comes assembled

There are two (2) mounting holes that are 3-1/2 inches apart from each other, measuring from the center of each hold. It can be used without the larger L-bracket.


40MM ELECTRONIC 24VDC SHUTTER ASSEMBLY (EM3259). One shutter speed or increase and decrease voltage duration to regulate desired shutter speeds. The shutter stays open for as long as 12V power is applied using the dark blue and red wires only. The others will command it to repeat open and close rapid shutter fires and perhaps more. I have operated it with the 12V power cord of an electric shaver at the solenoid itself. It snaps as fast or slow as you keep power to it. I then added in the actuator relay and when applying power for approx 1/4 second, I get a shutter snap of approx 1/4 second. When continuous power is applied, the shutter will fire in an approx repeated 1/32 second interval non stop until power is removed. There are many ways this shutter can be operated to meet a specific application. The shutter can also be manually opened with the slide lever at the top of the unit.  Other Dimensions Unit weighs 13 oz with removable base plate. Unit is 9.65cm wide x 9.8cm without base plate, 10.4cm with base plate. 4.7cm deep with base plate, 3.2cm without base plate respectively. Shutter hole is 4cm dia. 4 wires. 2 light blue wires go to the actuator switch and the blue and red wires go to the shutter solenoid. R=27 ohms, L=12.6mH, Pull-in-voltage 8.6VDC, Drop-out voltage approx 1.8VDC.


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