Sell to Us

Instant Cash

If you have what we’re looking for, we will pay you–fast!

A Good Sale

We believe that any purchase or sale is only good when both parties are pleased.


What do you buy?

We buy 16mm, 35mm, 70mm movie cameras, all sorts of lenses, geared-head, tripods and accessories. We also buy hand crank movie cameras, certain field cameras and lenses. We may buy one camera, one lens, or a huge collection.

The list is long! Just tell us what you have.

Is there anything you don’t buy?

You never know what we may buy. Contact us!

How much do you pay?

We pay fair prices (so that you are happy and we are happy). We do not pay retail. Before we resell, we spend hours refurbishing, etc.

Could I make more selling it myself?

Maybe! But may be not.

Sometimes we do encourage people to sell an item themselves. However, from our experience buying and selling all over the world, often you will not get the price you think you want. This is because 98% of vintage equipment needs something; lenses may have fungus, frozen focus, fungus, haze, and oil on the blades. Camera motors dry-up and squeak, run slowly, or may not run properly at all speeds. Knobs or screws may be missing. We spend hours disassembling, cleaning, and refurbishing to make them ready for professional use.

What is your buying process?

Easy–just contact us with what you have.

  • Please provide pictures.
  • Please provide your asking price. We do not make offers (and we don’t play pricing games). Once we know your price, we are straight forward about what we are willing to pay, and we may counteroffer.
  • When a price is agreed upon, we pay you, and the item is shipped.
  • We may request the item be shipped first if you want to be paid via bank wire.
  • We are very straight forward, and we enjoy the process of working together. We have made many friends and business associates over the years.
Do you ever sell on consignment?

Typically not. We prefer to buy outright. However, we would consider it for certain high-end, insanely-expensive equipment. All inventory that we offer for sale has been purchased by us, which is our preference.

Contact us to discuss this option, as situations vary.