Lens Services

Lube Servicing for Kern Switar C-Mount Lenses (10mm-150mm)

We will lube the focus and aperture rings for smooth operation. Lenses are taken apart to access the focus ring mechanism, clean off the old grease, and lube the mechanism so you lens moves as smoothly as can be. We also lube the aperture ring and will clean the outer glass, as well as the barrel, scrubbing out the dirty knurled focus and aperture rings so your vintage lens looks its best! We have special tools to free-up even frozen focus most of the time.

We can also clean the inside elements for an additional cost.

  • $149 / per lens
  • $14.99 return shipping with insurance
Turnaround Time

48 hours! Once we receive your lens from you, we will ship it back to you within 48 hours.

Other Lenses

We can service other lenses also. However, some are very difficult to take apart. Please specify what other lenses you wish o have us service, and we can let you know if we can do it and how much it will cost.

Our Experience

We have services hundreds of lenses! All of our inventory lenses are serviced.

Lens Mount Machining + Modification Services

For C-Mount Lenses and Other Camera Lenses

We will modify your lens mount to fit and focus to C-Mount adapters (and perhaps others). Your lens will focus to infinity on most cameras!

This modification service can be used for many different lenses, and we will be happy to modify other mounts and items. Jusk ask!

  • $99 / per lens
  • $14.99 return shipping with insurance
How it Works
  1. YOU carefully remove your rear lens mount by properly removing the screws and sliding off the mount.
  2. Send us the rear mount and adapter only (do not send us the lens or screws).
  3. We machine the rear adapter, taking off minimal material–just what is necessary to achieve proper fitment into your adapter (or any special custom machining preferences you desire).
  • All desired machining and / or modification must be discussed with via email prior to purchase of this service to ensure clear communication.
  • All work will be done with the tightest tolerances and measured with digital Vernier Calipers and state of the art machining lathe equipment.
  • DO NOT send us your rear mount or your adapter.
  • DO NOT send us your lens or the mount screws.

EXAMPLE SHOWN ABOVE: The lens pictured below is a Cosmicar 1.3 / 12.5mm C-Mount lens, modified to fit the C-4/3 adapter fully, this achieving infinity focus, as well as accurate focus throughout.