Computar 1.3 / 12.5mm C-Mount Lens – Covers Super-16

Computar 1.3 / 12.5mm C-Mount Lens – Covers Super-16

  • PRISTINE PERFECT MINT GLASS PRODUCING PERFECT IMAGE!  NO cleaning marks! NO scratches, haze, or fungus
  • Focus and Aperture working nicely. NO CAPS.

This lens will NOT fit or focus on any adapter without machining, so do not buy this lens for adapters. The rear barrel is too wide to screw all the way into any adapter. You will have focus issues like a macro effect, and you will not get infinity. Use it on a Bolex, or Filmo, or CCTV Security camera. Over 600 sold! I do not machine them anymore since I sold my lathe.

Just look at the richness and color rendition of these pictures done in nighttime low-light conditions!

High quality, heavy, Precision lens! The BEST GLASS QUALITY! Barrel looks great. May have some marks on the black barrel.

These lenses produce the most amazing images, with the fast 1.3 aperture, you can create incredible Bokeh wide open. The shallow (DOF) depth of field allows this, or stop down for razor sharp images from center to edge, with no chromatic aberration.


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