PRISTINE Bolex Rex-5 16mm Movie Camera Package (No 240456)


This is an absolutely pristine Rex-5, film ready!

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PRISTINE 1968 Bolex Rex-5 16mm Movie Camera (No 240456)

  • NEW rubber eyepiece
  • PRISTINE and bright 10x viewer
  • SMOOTH and strong-running motor, all speeds
  • NEW metal turret caps
  • 400 ft mag
  • MM Motor
  • EM motor
  • Cables
  • Battery Charger
  • EMPTY BATTERY HOUSING — Ready to be re-celled (no battery)
  • Magazine port cap
  • Please see pics carefully for condition

INCLUDES: New 1.2 / 12.5-75mm C-Mount Lens

  • Pristine glass, producing perfect image
  • High quality, heavy, precision lens
  • The BEST GLASS QUALITY. These lenses produce the most amazing imaged. With the fast 1.2 aperture you can create incredible Bokeh wide open. The shallow (DOF) depth of field allows this, or stop down for razor sharp images from center to edge with no chromatic aberration.


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